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Why Logs?

Why should you choose a Log Home over a standard, stick-frame house? Below are just a few of the reasons we love these unique structures.

Environmentally Friendly – While this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking at a log cabin, there are a few things that make a log house more friendly to the environment then a standard house:

  1. Fewer Trees Used. On average, a log home uses two to twelve fewer trees than a standard home, depending on the ability of the log builder. (Approximately 2.75 cubic feet of log are required for every 1 cubic of dimensional lumber, the rest is turned into sawdust. Fortunately some of this is converted into paper products.)
  2. Less Energy Involved. Let’s think about how far a piece of dimensional lumber travels: It gets logged in the forest, then gets trucked to the processing plant, then to the local lumber yard, and finally to your home. Our logs are logged within 150 miles (usually less) and are trucked to our yard, then are transported to your home site.

Local – We use logs that are logged locally, within less than 150 miles. This keeps our money local and supports local businesses. It also reduces trucking distance which reduces costs and environmental impact.

Unique – No other home has quite the same look or feel as a hand-crafted log home does. The large timbers with their spiraling grain, the smell of pine, and the solid feel of the massive logs encasing the home is what draws many people to these structures.

We believe that log homes are amazing structures. They are energy-efficient, unique, and environmentally friendly. They are also often misunderstood and sometimes seen as high-maintenance and inefficient due to poor design and build quality.

 We would like to change this misunderstanding of log homes. Using our experience offering log home maintenance we have discovered several key design issues that can be integrated into the design and construction of log structures to minimize maintenance and maximize energy retention. Contact us for more info at (970) 560-7462 or jared@rogersenterprisesltd.com