Hand-Crafted Log Homes


From our experience providing log home maintenance over the last several years we have discovered three main things about log homes:

  1. Their owners are passionate about them. They enjoy the rustic, cozy atmosphere that comes with a log home as well as the very unique look. The massive logs with their intricate wood grain and massive size that provide a solid, down-to-earth feel to the home. The smell of pine, aspen or cedar that imbues the home. Being able to touch the actual structure of their home and not just drywall or artificial siding.
  2.  The complaint we heard most often from the owners is how costly the maintenance was and how hard it was to do themselves. Leading them to put it off until it was so bad that they had to do a costly refinish. While a homeowner can do a refinish themselves, it is very labor intensive and often more than 1-2 people want to take on, so they wind up hiring someone to do it.
  3. A log home is not a regular home and should be designed and built differently to reflect that. There are a few key design elements that can be built into a log home that drastically reduces the maintenance required, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their beautiful home and not worry about how much they have to put into it to keep it up. Unfortunately, very few log homes have these designs built in (in our experience, 1 or 2 out of 10)

After hearing the frustrations of log home owner’s we decided that we would start building the shells, designing and building the roof system (we can also work with regular contractors and specify how they build the roof), and specifying how the foundation is built.

Our goal for our log structures are for them to be a beautiful home for you and your family for generations to come.